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Privacy Policy.

I. Who is responsible for processing your data?

The entity responsible for processing your data is: Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L. (hereinafter, “BGH”) with registered address at: c/ Josep Rover Motta, 27, 07006, de Palma de Mallorca. For any questions relating to data protection, please contact the BGH Data Protection Department by sending an email to: dpo@barcelo.com

II. For what purpose and on what legal basis do we process your data? 

Firstly, it is necessary to point out that for the purpose of this privacy policy, any company operating in the travel sector (travel agency, wholesaler or retailer), or company from any other sector, shall be referred to as COMPANY

BGH hereby informs interested parties that their data shall be processed by BGH, for the following purposes:

1.For registering users at Barceló Pro Rewards and managing the contractual relationship entered into by subscribing to the program. 

Interested parties subscribing to Barceló Pro can formalize their registration at Barceló Pro Rewards by filling out the form provided for this purpose on the Barceló Pro Rewards website. 

As a result of becoming a new subscriber of Barceló Pro Rewards, BGH shall provide users with the corresponding credentials enabling them to access their private area and manage operations such as consulting available points, promotions for obtaining more points, e-learning activities, information on how to redeem points, etc... 

The data requested is necessary for formalizing a user's subscription and without a user's consent, BGH will not be able to attend to the user's request. 

Legal basis: processing is necessary for the performance of the contract to which the data subject is party regarding independent subscription and is based on the consent of the interested party obtained by the Agency, in the event that the latter formalizes an interested party's registration.

2.Sending of newsletter containing information on available points, obtaining more points and redeeming points. 

Once the interested party has finalized their subscription to Barceló Pro Rewards, BGH will send them a regular newsletter containing updated information on the points they have available in their Barceló Pro Rewards account and the opportunities at their disposal to obtain more points in order to gain higher visibility in BGH's promotion it products and services. 

Legal basis: this processing is necessary for the performance of the contract.

3.Compliance with obligations of an accounting, legal, fiscal and administrative nature. 

Legal basis: This processing is necessary for the performance of the contract. 

4.Contact for resolving queries or complaints. BGH will process the interested party's data in order to resolve the query or complaint received through the contact form. Similarly, BGH may contact said interested party in the event it is necessary for resolving the request or due to the performance of the contract.

Legal basis: This processing is necessary for the performance of the contract.

5.Analysis and study of the interactions with the page. BGH may process the personal data of interested parties once they enter their credentials in the website, in order to analyze their interactions, movements, scrolls, visits, point consultations and product views made by them on the website. 

Legal basis: Such processing is required to satisfy the legitimate interests of BGH. The interested party may, at any time, oppose the processing of their personal data for this purpose by following the instructions provided in section V. 

6.Computerized control of the website. BGH will monitor and control website use in order to prevent and detect any fraudulent use, unauthorized access, alterations or loss of personal or other data. 

Legal basis: Such data processing is necessary to comply with the obligations under the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, as well as to satisfy Barceló’s legitimate interest in guaranteeing internet and data security. 

7.Reporting system incidents and system management. BGH will process the user information needed to manage any incident reported or detected by its own means. Such data processing will only be performed to solve the incident and resolve any problems deriving from the same. 

Legal basis: Such processing is required to satisfy the legitimate interests of BGH. Customers can oppose the processing of their data for such purposes at any time by following the instructions provided in section V. 

8.Cookie data processing: You can find more information on our cookie policy at the following link (cookie policy link)

III. How long do we store your data for? 

Any personal data to which BGH has access will be handled for the necessary amount of time to achieve the purpose for which they were collected and as long as the subscription by the interested party to the Barceló Pro Rewards remains valid. 

Specifically, in the event that the interested party has not made any interaction with Barceló Pro Rewards within one year, their profile will be modified to “inactive”, after which time the data will be duly blocked and a time limit will start for their permanent erasure, as set out in the following paragraph. 

Once the period of processing has expired, BGH shall store your personal data, in a duly blocked manner, even when they are no longer pertinent for the purpose for which they were collected, in order to make them available to any competent Public Administration services, Judges and Courts, or the Prosecution Service during the statutory time limit for personal actions that may have arisen from the relationship held with the customer and/or legally established storage periods. Once said time frames have passed, BGH shall proceed with the physical deletion of your data. 

IV. Who will we share your personal data with? 

BGH may communicate data to: 

· competent Public Authorities, Judges and Courts. 

· Beside the aforementioned data sharing, BGH works with third parties who provide services and have access to customers’ personal data, which they process in representation and on behalf of BGH as a result of providing said services. Specifically, BGH hires third parties to supply, for example and not limited to, services in the following sectors: legal advice, multidisciplinary professional services, tech service providers, suppliers of IT services. 

V. What are your rights with regard to the data you provide us with? 

Interested parties may, at any time, revoke their consent, as well as exercise their rights to access, transfer, amend, oppose, restrict and delete their data, and, where not concerning a decision based solely on the automated processing of their data, by the following means: 

· By writing to the postal address provided above. 

· By sending an email dpo@barcelo.com.