Terms and conditions of the program

These Terms and Conditions (hereafter, the “TC”) regulate the access and use of the Barceló Pro Rewards program, property of Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L. 

Identification of the parties 

1. The first party, Barceló Gestión Hoteleras, S.L. (hereinafter “Barceló”), with registered offices in C/ Rover Motta 27, 07006, Palma de Mallorca. 

And the second party, the individual hereinafter referred to as the “Account Holder”, who registers as such in the Barceló Pro Rewards program (hereinafter the “Program” or “Barceló Pro Rewards”). 

2.- The Account holder states that they are legally of age (that they are over 18 years of age) and that they have the legal capacity to register in Barceló Pro Rewards in accordance with the current GCs, which they comprehend and understand in their entirety. If a minor registers in the program, Barceló shall not, under any conditions, be responsible, and the minor, his parents or legal guardian shall bear any associated expenses. 

3. The advantages of the Program may not be combined with any other card or program from the participating companies. The Account Holder shall be entitled to chose the program whose benefits he wishes to obtain. 


4. The program's Account Holders are individuals who are retail travel agents registered in the Barceló Pro Rewards program, excluding online travel agencies. Account Holders will receive a personal participation user code and password. Every code shall necessarily be associated to one agent and one travel agency. In the case of large networks with agreements with the Barceló Hotel Group, offices may also register whose agents share one user code and password to participate in the program if allowed by Barceló Pro Rewards. 

5. The Program may unsubscribe inactive registered Account Holders who do not register any point-earning activities over a one-year period.

6. The points earned by an Account Holder shall be related to his work at the agency in which he is employed when he registers in the Program; therefore, if the Account Holder leaves the agency where he was working when he joined the Program, he must redeem any points earned through the date when he leaves the company, after being authorized to do so in writing by the agency's director. If the director of the agency rejects the authorization, the points will be canceled. If a travel agent is transferred to another office within the same agency, he may request that his points be transferred to a new account associated with the new branch/office. 

7. Barceló, as the company that owns Program, reserves the right to withdraw the participation code, cancel the points account and hold the Account Holder of the Barceló Pro Rewards responsible for any improper or fraudulent use of the Program or for violating the rules and procedures contained in these GTC. 

Purpose of the Program and earning points 

8. The purpose of the Program is to undertake a promotion based on the Barceló Pro Rewards Account Holder earning points that can be redeemed for stays in participating hotels or for gifts from the catalog. 

9.- Barceló Pro Rewards Account holders may obtain points in the ways specified hereafter: 

a) The Account Holder will receive 100 points when registering for the Barceló Pro Rewards program. 

b) Points for every room night booked in any participating hotel from the moment the Account Holder registers in the program. Points can also be exchanged for all room nights booked in participating hotels in the three months immediately before the date on which the booking is registered, as long as the booking date is after the Account Holder's registration date in the program. The bookings will be credited after the guest checks out of the hotel. 


A user registers in the program on January 1 and on July 1 wants to access his private area to register the following bookings: 

1) Booking dated May 1: this booking can be registered because the booking was made within the three months prior to the registration date 

2) Booking dated March 1: this booking cannot be registered because it was made before the three month-window that is available for registering bookings.

In both cases, the condition that the booking was made after the participant's registration in the program is satisfied. 

The points earned for each night booked are as shown in the table below: 

Check the points accumulation table

c) Whenever the Account Holder takes any of the e-learning courses in the Program, he will earn 20 points. Each course may be taken as many times as desired, but the points will only be awarded the first time that the Account Holder correctly answers all the questions in the associated quiz. 

10 -. Periodically, offers will be made to the Account Holder to multiply any points earned. These offers may not be combined. The one that earns the most points will be applied. 

11. The general methods for earning points are as follows: Direct bookings to the hotel, bookings carried out with GDS's using the Amadeus codes, Galilean, Sabre and Worldspan, and bookings through Barceló Pro.

When booking through BARCELÓ B2B (Barceló Agents, Barceló Pro), the Account Holder must enter their Barceló Pro Rewards Account Holder code in the corresponding field so that the booking can be automatically reserved into the account of the Barceló Pro Rewards Account Holder. Points will be added to your account once they have been validated by the hotel where the booking was previously made by the Account holder in the “Register Bookings” section. 

For bookings made in participating Barceló hotels located in Latin America, additional methods may be used to earn points, as indicated in the private area. 

The Program reserves the right to change the booking methods that earn points without prior notice. Those agency networks that have agreements with Barceló may receive different points depending on the booking method. 

12. The points earned in the Program will not expire as long as the Account Holder registers one booking in the previous year. If the Account Holder goes more than ONE (1) year without making a booking, Barceló may either cancel all the points earned by the Account Holder or delete his account, as specified in point 5 of these GTC. 

The program will inform users in advance of the expiration of their points. 

13. Any claim made by an Account Holder regarding invalidated points must be accompanied by the booking voucher. There is a period of three (3) months from the date points are denied by the hotel to file a claim for the booking points. 

14. All the points earned by the Account Holder in the previous Barceló rewards program (Barceló Partner Club) may be transferred into the Program. The terms contained in these GTC shall apply to those points, except the one involving the expiration of points, in that the points transferred in will expire THREE (3) years after they were awarded. 

Category of Barceló Pro Rewards Account Holders 

15. Barceló Pro Rewards Account Holders will be assigned to one of the following categories, depending on their balance and the e-learning courses taken. 

Check the program levels table

16. The taking of e-learning courses to go up in category will only be applicable the first time that each of the courses available in the Program is taken. 

Using Points 

17. The points earned may be redeemed for stays in participating hotels in the Barceló Hotel Group or for any item specified in the gift catalog, unless otherwise agreed with the participating travel agency. The items offered in the catalog may be periodically reviewed and modified by the participating companies without having to notify the Account Holders beforehand. 

18. Stays with redeemed points at participating hotels of the Barceló Hotel Group will be based on a double room with breakfast, or full board, when so offered by the hotel. These stays are only available to the account holder, who may be accompanied by an adult and, depending on the availability at the hotel, 3 children up to 12 years of age per room; the children's stays will be redeemed with extra points. The confirmation of the stay is subject to availability at the hotel in question. 

Next, it is established how many points are needed to exchange for rooms in participating hotels, according to which hotel of the Barceló Hotel Group the reservation is to be made in:Check the points exchange table

Confirmed bookings made by redeeming points may be canceled with no penalty for the Account Holder up to 3 days before the check-in date. Later cancellations and no-shows will incur a penalty equivalent to the points associated with the first night of the booking.

In order to change a reservation you first have to cancel the original reservation (without loss of points up to 3 days before the check-in date, see the previous point) and then make a new reservation. 

19. The Account Holder must have all of the points required before redeeming them for stays or gifts from the catalog. It is possible to combine points and cash when redeeming stays. If this option is chosen and the availability of the room(s) is confirmed, the point value of the stay will be deducted from the account when the gift is requested, and the cash amount will be paid when checking in to the hotel. (This surcharge does not include local taxes). 

20. All bookings made by redeeming points will be made through our website at least 5 days before the check-in date. Once the booking is confirmed, the points will be deducted from the Account Holder's account. 

21. Items from the gift catalog will only be delivered in Spain. Account Holders not residing in Spain may redeem their points for stays in any participating hotel or for any of the e-cards offered through the Program. 

22. Depending on the availability of the items in the gift catalog, the Program reserves the right to exchange a gift with another of equal or greater value. 

Transferring points between Account Holders 

23. Barceló Pro Rewards Account Holders may transfer points earned in the Program to any other Account Holder in the Program. Those points given away by the Program for free (such as the 100 points earned when registering) cannot be transferred. 

24. Barceló does not authorize the sale of points among Account Holders; as a result, this practice is prohibited. Barceló reserves the right to cancel any points it determines were sold or transferred in violation of these GTC. 

Additional Information for Barceló Pro Rewards Account Holders 

25. Every month, the program will send a statement with information on the transactions made and the points earned or used. If this statement is incorrect, the Barceló Pro Rewards Account Holder must inform Barceló of this by providing the required documentation specified in point 13. 

26. If any of the companies participating in the Program were to unduly deny the awarding of points or other benefits to an Account Holder, the Program's liability shall be limited to correcting the error by crediting the points owed as soon as proof that the points were earned is provided by the Account Holder. Neither Barceló nor the Program accept liability for acts or omissions of the companies participating in the Program either in terms of the services provided or of their participation in the program, except for the correction of errors mentioned in this point. 

27. Barceló and the other companies participating in the Program reserve the right to modify the point tables, these GTC or any aspect of the program or the Account Holders' participation in it at any time and without prior notice. 

28. Registered Account Holders may inform Barceló of their desire to terminate their participation in the Program at any time by sending an email to Barceló at dpo@barcelo.com. 

29. Likewise, Barceló Pro Rewards may be canceled at the discretion of Barceló, which runs the program, in which case the company shall grant registered Account Holders a maximum of THREE (3) MONTHS to redeem their points. If the Program is canceled, and once the scheduled deadline is reached, all points earned by the Account Holders shall be automatically canceled. Barceló shall accept no liability for any losses or damages that may be caused to the Account Holder as a result of said cancellation. 

Privacy Policy 

30.- For more information, please see our privacy policy

Copyrights, trademarks, software 

31. All the contents of the Program, including contents, marks, graphs, logos, icons, buttons, images and software, are the property of Barceló or its content providers and are protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property laws. 

The selection, compilation, arrangement, programming, design and layout of all the website content is the exclusive property of Barceló and is protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property laws. All the software used on the website is the property of Barceló or its software providers and is protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property laws.

Any other use of the contents or photographs on the website is strictly forbidden, as is their reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, subsequent publication, exhibition or representation, in full or in part, without the express consent of Barceló or its providers. 

General information, applicable law and jurisdiction 

32. Pursuant to Spanish tax laws, the prizes awarded by participating in games, contests, drawings or alternative combinations associated with the sale or promotion of goods or services are subject to withholding or capital gains if the amount of the prize is in excess of 300 euros. The prize of this offer shall be subject to the applicable tax laws and to any implementing stipulations. Therefore, in compliance with the contents therein, the agency in charge of managing the program shall withhold taxes on any prizes awarded. Said withholding shall not be assessed on the winner as a necessary condition to award the prize; rather, it shall be the agency that shall pay this amount in advance. The agency may require proof of the winner's tax residence and apply the withholding specified in the relevant law based on the value of the prize awarded. In any event, the winner shall be responsible for complying with any tax obligations resulting from the prize received, in keeping with the information contained in the statement of tax withholdings and income that the agency charged with managing the program will provide to the winner. The remaining gifts earned by redeeming the program points do not require said withholding, since the gifts do not constitute income, as defined in Article 75 of Royal Decree 439/2007 of March 30, which approves the Regulation for Individual Income Tax. Nevertheless, in accordance with articles 33 and 43 of Law 35/2006 of November 28 on Individual Income Tax, it is the participant's responsibility to declare the market value of the gift received as a capital gain on his corresponding tax return. If you wish to obtain a certificate for the purposes of an IRPF declaration, you can request it through the following e-mail address: barceloprorewards@barcelo.com 

33.- Should any clause included in these general conditions be declared fully or partially null or void, all other terms and conditions remaining the same, this provision, or the affected portion of the same, shall be understood as excluded. 

34.- The Barceló Pro Rewards General Conditions will be governed in accordance with the current legal regulations in force in Spain. For any dispute arising from the interpretation and application of these GTC, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Palma de Mallorca and expressly waive any other jurisdiction to which they may have recourse.