Programme Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, the "T&C") regulate the access and use of the Barceló Pro Rewards program, owned by Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L. 

Identification of the parties 

1. Barceló Management Hoteliers, S.L. (hereinafter “Barceló”), with registered office at C/ Rover Motta 27, 07006, Palma de Mallorca. 

and the individual, hereinafter the “Titleholder”, who is registered as a titleholder in the Barceló Pro Rewards programme (hereinafter the “Programme” or “Barceló Pro Rewards”). 

2.- The Holder declares that he is of legal age (that is, over 18 years of age) and has the legal capacity to register with Barceló Pro Rewards in accordance with these T&C, which he fully comprehends and understands. In the event of contracting by a minor, Barceló will in no case be responsible and the parents or guardians of said minor must take responsibility for any costs that may arise. 

3. The advantages of the Programme will not be accumulable with those of any other card or programme of the participating firms. The Titleholder will have the right to choose the programme from which they wish to obtain the benefits. 


4. Titleholders of the programme are those persons who are retail travel agents registered on the Barceló Pro Rewards programme, excluding online travel agencies. The aforementioned programme will provide them with a user code and a personal password with which to participate. Each code must be compulsorily associated with an agent and a travel agency. In the case of large chains with agreements with Barceló Hotel Group, it will also be possible to register branches whose agents share a user code and password for participation in the programme, subject to the agreement of Barceló Pro Rewards. 

5. The Programme will be able to unsubscribe inactive registered Titleholders who have not undertaken any activity to obtain points for registered bookings in a one-year period.

6. The accumulation of points by a Titleholder will be linked to their work in the agency in which they are working when they register with the Programme, and therefore, in the event that they leave the agency in which they were working when they joined the programme, they must exchange the points they have accumulated up to the time of leaving the company, subject to the prior written authorisation of the manager of the agency. In the event that the manager of the agency refuses such an authorisation, the points will be cancelled. If a travel agent is transferred to another branch of the same agency, they will be able to request the transfer of their points to a new account associated with the new branch/office. 

7. Barceló, as the company that owns the Programme, reserves the right to withdraw the participation code, cancel the points account and demand the pertinent responsibilities from a Titleholder of the Barceló Pro Rewards programme who makes improper or fraudulent use of the Programme or who fails to comply with the rules and procedures contained in these GC. 

Object of the Programme and Acquisition of Points 

8. The object of the Programme is to undertake a promotion based on the acquisition of points by a Barceló Pro Rewards Titleholder that they will be able to exchange for stays in the hotels participating in the Programme or for gifts from the catalogue. 

9.-Holders of Barceló Pro Rewards may obtain points through the channels detailed below: 

a) The Titleholder will receive 100 points when they register as a Barceló Pro Rewards Titleholder. 

b) Points for each room night they book in any participating hotel in the Programme from the moment they register as a Titleholder. Additionally, they will be able to exchange for points all the room night bookings made for any hotel participating in the Programme during the three months immediately prior to the date on which they wish to register the booking, as long as the booking date is subsequent to the Titleholder's registration date. The points obtained for a booking will be added once the guest has checked out of the hotel. 


A user registers with the programme on 1 January and on 1 July wishes to access their private area to register the following bookings: 

1) Booking made for 1 May: this booking may be registered as it was booked within the three months prior to the registration date 

2) Booking made for 1 March: this booking may not be registered as it was booked before the three months available for it to be reserved.

Both cases fulfil the requirement that the booking date is subsequent to the date the participant registered in the programme. 

The points obtained for each night booked will be those corresponding to the following table: 

See the points chart

c) Each time the Titleholder participates in any of the e-learning courses that are part of the Programme they will obtain 20 points. Each of the courses may be taken as many times as the Titleholder wishes, but they will only obtain the corresponding points the first time they answer all the questions on the questionnaire correctly. 

10 -. Periodically the Titleholder will receive promotions with which they can multiply the points obtained. These promotions are not accumulative. The one with the highest number of points will be applied. 

11. In general, the channels that give points are: Direct bookings to the hotel, bookings carried out with GDS's using the Amadeus codes, Galilean, Sabre and Worldspan, and bookings via Barceló Pro.

When reserving through BARCELÓ B2B (Barceló Agents, Barceló Pro), the Titleholder must enter their Barceló Pro Rewards Titleholder code in the corresponding section, so that the booking will be registered automatically into the account of the Barceló Pro Rewards Titleholder. Points will be summed in its account have been once validated by the hotel object of the registered booking previously by the Holder in the section “Register Bookings”. 

For bookings made in the participating Barceló hotels in Latin America, the additional channels indicated in the private area will also give points. 

The Programme reserves the right to vary, without prior notice, the booking channels that give points. There may be differences in the points given by the different channels in the chains of agencies that have agreements with Barceló. 

12. The points obtained in the Programme will not expire as long as the Titleholder has registered at least one booking during the last year. If more than ONE (1) year passes during which the Titleholder makes no bookings, Barceló may either cancel all the points obtained by the Titleholder or cancel the Titleholder's account, as provided for in Point 5 of these GC. 

The Programme will inform users in advance that their points are about to expire. 

13. For any claim regarding rejected points, the Titleholder must present a copy of the booking vouchers. A period of three (3) months is allowed from the date of the hotel's refusal to claim the points for a booking. 

14. All the points obtained by the Titleholder in the previous Barceló loyalty programme (Barceló Partner Club) can be transferred to the Programme. The terms established in these GC will be applied to these points, except with regard to their expiry, which will continue to be THREE (3) years from the date the points were obtained. 

Barceló Pro Rewards Titleholder Category 

15. Barceló Pro Rewards Titleholders will belong to one of the following categories, depending on their balance and the e-learning courses they have completed. 

See the programme levels chart

16. Taking an e-learning course in order to move to a higher category will only count the first time each of the courses available in the Programme is taken. 

Use of Points 

17. The accumulated points may be exchanged for stays in the participating Barceló Hotel Group hotels or for any product specified in the gift catalogue, unless there is an agreement to the contrary with the participating travel agency. The benefits offered in the catalogue may be reviewed and modified periodically by the companies participating in the programme, without giving the Titleholders advance notice. 

18. Stays offered in exchange for points in the participating Barceló Hotel Group hotels will be on the basis of a double room on bed and breakfast or all-inclusive where offered by the hotel. These stays can only be enjoyed by the account holder, who can be accompanied by one adult and, depending on the hotel's availability, 3 children up to 12 years-old per room; extra points will be used for children's stays. Confirmation of the stay is subject to availability in the requested hotel. 

Below, you will see the points required to exchange for rooms in the participating hotels, according to the hotel brand of the Barceló Hotel Group in which you would like to make a reservation:See the points exchange chart

Confirmed points exchange bookings may be cancelled without penalty by the Titleholder up to 3 days before the check-in date. Later cancellations and no-shows will be penalised with the value in points corresponding to the first night of this booking.

To modify a reservation, first you must cancel the original reservation (without losing points, up to 3 days before the check-in date, see previous section) and then make a new reservation. 

19. To redeem points for stays or gifts from the catalogue, it is essential to have the total number of points required. There is the possibility of combining points and cash when redeeming stays. If this latter option is chosen, having confirmed the availability of the room(s), the value in points for the chosen stay will be deducted from the account once the booking is requested. The remaining cash amount will be paid on checking in at the chosen hotel. (This extra charge does not include local taxes). 

20. All bookings exchanged for points will be made through our website a minimum of 5 days prior to the check-in date. Once the booking is confirmed, the points will be deducted from the Titleholder's account. 

21. The items in the gift catalogue can only be delivered in Spain. Titleholders who are not resident in Spain may exchange their points for stays in any participating hotel in the Programme or for the gift cards (e-cards) offered in the Programme. 

22. Depending on the availability of stock in the gift catalogue, the Programme reserves the right to substitute a gift for another of identical or superior features. 

Points transfers between Titleholders 

23. Barceló Pro Rewards Titleholders will be able to transfer the points they have obtained within the Programme to any other Titleholder who is participating in the Programme. Points given by the Programme (for example, the 100 points given on registration) cannot be transferred. 

24. Barceló does not authorise the sale of points between Titleholders and therefore it is not allowed under the programme. Barceló reserves the right to cancel those points it considers to have been sold or transferred in contravention of these GC. 

Further Information for the Barceló Pro Rewards Titleholder 

25. The programme will send a monthly statement containing information on the operations carried out and points obtained or used. If the aforementioned statement is not correct, the Barceló Pro Rewards Titleholder will inform Barceló, providing the documentation required under Point 13. 

26. If any of the firms participating in the Programme refuses unjustifiably to grant points or any other benefits to a Titleholder, the Programme's responsibility will be limited to remedying the error by annotating the points due, as soon as the Titleholder can prove their undeniable right to them. Neither Barceló nor the Programme accept any responsibility for the acts or omissions of the firms participating in the Programme, whether in the provision of their services or with regard to their participation in the programme, except for the correction of errors mentioned in this point. 

27. Barceló and the other firms participating in the Programme reserve the right to modify at any time, and without the need to give prior notice to the Titleholders, the points tables in force, these GC or any aspect relating to the Programme or the participation of the Titleholders in it. 

28. Registered Titleholders may end their participation in the programme at any time by notifying Barceló via email at 

29. Likewise, Barceló Pro Rewards may be cancelled at any time the owner company, Barceló, deems it opportune, granting the registered Titleholders a maximum of THREE (3) MONTHS to redeem their points. In the event of the cancellation of the programme, once the pre-advised deadline has been reached, all the points accumulated by the Titleholders will be automatically cancelled. Barceló will not be responsible for any loss, harm or damages that may be incurred by the Titleholder as a result of this cancellation. 

Privacy Policy 

30.- For more information, please read our privacy policy

Copyrights, trademarks, software 

31. All the contents of the Programme, including contents, brands, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, images and software, are the property of Barceló or its content providers and are protected by the national and international regulations governing industrial and intellectual property. 

The selection, compilation, organisation, programming, design and assembly of all the content of the website is the exclusive property of Barceló and is protected under the national and international regulations governing industrial and intellectual property. All the software used on the website is the property of Barceló or its software providers and is protected under the national and international regulations governing industrial and intellectual property.

It is strictly forbidden to make any other use of the website content or photographs, including the total or partial reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, subsequent publication, exhibition or representation of the same, without the express consent of Barceló or its providers. 

General information, law and jurisdiction 

32. In accordance with Spanish fiscal legislation, prizes awarded for the participation in games, contests, raffles or alternative combinations linked to the sale or promotion of goods or services are subject to a withholding tax or payment on account, provided the value of the prize is over 300 euros. Prizes awarded under this promotion will be subject to the tax legislation in force at all times and its subsequent amendments. Therefore, in compliance with the provisions of said legislation, the agency responsible for managing the programme will make the corresponding deposits on account for the prizes awarded. The aforementioned deposit on account will not affect the winner as a necessary condition for enjoying the prize, which will be paid in advance by said agency. The agency may request proof of the winner's residence for tax purposes, applying the current percentage in force corresponding to the deposit on account according to the valuation of the object of the prize. In any case, it will be the responsibility of the prizewinner to comply with any possible tax obligations resulting from the prize received, in accordance with the information contained in the certificate of withholding and income on account of Personal Income Tax that will be provided by the agency responsible for managing the programme. The rest of the gifts obtained following the redemption of points in the programme do not require this withholding or deposit on account to be carried out, as the gift is not considered as income in any of the provisions of Article 75 of Royal Decree 439/2007 of 30 March, under which the Personal Income Tax Regulations are approved. Nonetheless, in accordance with Articles 33 and 43 of the Personal Income Tax Act 35/2006 of 28 November, it is the responsibility of the participant to declare the corresponding earnings on their Personal Income Tax as a result of the gift, at market value. If you wish to obtain a certificate for the purposes of your Personal Income Tax statement, please request it at the following e-mail address: 

33.- If any clause included in these terms and conditions is declared, totally or partially, null or ineffective, the terms and conditions would remain in effect and said provision, or the affected part of the same, will be considered to have been excluded. 

34.- The T&C of Barceló Pro Rewards shall be governed in accordance with current Spanish legal regulations on such matters. For any question regarding the interpretation and application of these GC, the parties expressly submit themselves, renouncing their own legal jurisdiction, to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Palma de Mallorca.